Why PowerCCTV

PowerCCTV is a CCTV Surveillance solution provider based in New York. We specialize in high end, high resolution CCTV surveillance units and software that can monitor your business 24/7 and 365 days. We are an innovative company providing complete top of the line security solutions with the guarantee to deter criminals.

Best people to secure your premises.

Our people are well trained to monitor your business securely 24/7. We call our people SECURITY PROFESSIONALS who can analyze the situation as they monitor the surveillance camera. We are like site security guards who patrol your premises 24/7. We can deter criminals or intruders who attempt to do graffiti, theft and burglary. Your utmost security is our business.


Our Strength is on our Software-We take pride on our propriety software that has been well designed to secure your business. This software gives out signals that will make our security professionals analyze and quickly decide on what to do on critical situations.