Video Surveillance System

Video Monitoring System


PowerCCTV Cloud NVR

It’s a state of the art video surveillance software wherein you can access your IP security cameras wherever you are for as long as you have Internet connection. By simply logging in to the cloud NVR software, all the options are already available for you.

Video Surveillance System

You don’t need to be stuck on an IP camera viewer at home or in the office to know what’s going on in your business premises, with PowerCCTV Cloud NVR you can access it using an Internet browser from your laptop or even on your mobile device.


Video Surveillance Software:

Here is the link you can use to login:

Here is where you can download the mobile version:



Screenshots on a mobile device:

Video Monitoring System


Benefits of using PowerCCTV Cloud NVR

  1. You can remotely monitor your business premises in your office or at home from a laptop or a mobile device.
  2. If you have a paid subscription you can save recorded videos and playback from the server.
  3. You can take snapshot, record videos and playback critical scenes on your local computer.
  4. You can access multiple IP cameras and add more camera without any licensing fee.
  5. You can control an IP camera with PTZ Features.
  6. You can use the audio talk back feature to communicate or warn unauthorized persons in the monitored premises.

Security Cameras Software

The PowerCCTV Cloud-NVR software application is compatible with:

Dome Cameras

PowerCCTV PC-B21-312-WDR

PowerCCTV PC-B21-312-IWDR

PowerCCTV PC-B21-312-4WDR


Bullet Cameras

PowerCCTV PC-VD21-312R (Wifi model)

PowerCCTV PC-D13-4WIR (Wired)

PowerCCTV PC-D21-312-IWDR (3G/4g Mode)


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