Verifire Applications

Oil processing sites

Oil Processing Plants Application.

Oil processing sites are highly susceptible to fires that can incur huge damage and affect business revenue in terms of materials and property loss, and extremely endanger people’s lives; containing these fires,


Chemical storage or refining

Chemical Storage Plants Application.

Early detection of flame and smoke is very important to a chemical storage plant with highly flammable contents. Fire can damage the whole facility in just a matter of minutes since it can spread quickly,


Hospital boiler room

Hospital Boiler Room Application

Hospital boilers are necessary for providing heat to the entire facility, sterilization, for having hot water and to humidify the place. Fire occurrence is one risk when you have a boiler installed in your business premises.


Aircraft maintenance docks

Aircraft Maintenance Docks Application.

Aircraft maintenance docks are built in a very wide area and with high ceilings extending over 30 meters. In a normal day up to 8 or 10 airplanes can be accommodated, maintained and fixed.


Food manufacturing plants

Food Manufacturing Plants Application.

Fire in food processing industries has a high chance of occurring because of combustible materials and ingredients. It is very important to accomplish fire detection at the onset to ward the situation from getting out of hand.


Historic relics

Historic Relics Application.

Preservation of valuable and priceless historical items and other contents usually found in museums and cultural sites is very important. It is necessary to keep these respected items intact for cultural and historical value, and for future generations,



Warehouse Application.

Warehouses are considered to be high risk settings in cases of fire. Fires in warehouses usually happen due to human negligence or due to some items being kept com-busting such as combustible goods stored and no one monitoring them.



Tunnels Application.

Tunnels are typically underground passages used as means of easy transport from one place to another. Fire is one risky event that can happen in tunnels and can create a potential catastrophe with the amount of properties that can be lost.