Vehicular Surveillance Solution

Installing cameras for vehicles these days is gaining popularity day by day. There are tons of similar features offered in the market. People usually get such cameras installed in the car to record the driving history and the recorded video could be used as evidence for further investigation in case any accidents happen.

PowerCCTV solution offers the vehicular surveillance solution to the market; however, with more advanced features, aiming for a further comprehensive security solution for fleet companies, public transportation companies, taxi companies, and armored cars of security groups.

Advanced features are:

1- Micro SD card Recording

Recording and the security of the recorded material is essential in vehicular surveillance. Vibration often occurs when the vehicle is being driven around; which is very vulnerable if the recording storage is made of a traditional hard disk. With a Micro SD card recording it becomes risk-free from vibration when the vehicles move around. Furthermore, the recording device provided by PowerCCTV is SDXC grade meaningits capacity is up to 128GB Micro SD card storage.


2- H.264 High Profile Compression.

High Profile H.264 makes the entire compression super efficient and results in saving more memory for the recording. With a 128G Micro SD card, PowerCCTV’s vehicular recording solution can record in 720P real time (30fp) up to 8 days 24/7 per camera. The retention is sufficient for administrators to be able to retrieve videos for investigation and evidence if an accident occurred.

Additional benefit of this high compression is low bandwidth usage for transmitting live videos, and live viewing of videos of the vehicles’ actual driving scene that works over a 3G/4G network is no longer a myth.


3- Sending video streams and two way audio communication via 3G/4G or WIFI network

Optionally 3G/4G or WIFI built in modules will allow users to view live videos or download recorded videos without the need to remove the micro SD card while it is recording. Providing immediate data access to the live views and recording device is very crucial and practical in vehicular surveillance applications.

It recreates the “I was there” kind of sense that cannot be done when the event has ended.

Why immediate access to live video and recording is important:

  • Live view video stream helps the headquarters to be able to give instructions to drivers if anything is happening.
  • Live stream is able to help the headquarters to monitor drivers’ driving behaviors; which could prevent any accidents from happening.
  • Streaming contents live engages more people to get involved and come up with the best solution and decide on necessary emergency response.
  • Constant monitoring of your employees results in proficient efficiency in doing their job
  • If any accident or any event happens, the evidence is clear and people monitoring have visually seen it as witnesses and how it happened live.

Furthermore, 3G/4G network sometimes change while the vehicles move around. Once the network changes, the IP address also changes and results in users not getting live view video/playback/download. The solution provided by PowerCCTV has overcome this issue. The unit provided by PowerCCTV can process a self-checking system and re-dials when disconnection from the3G/4G network is detected.

Another challenge of using a 3G/4G network that most providers give is the dynamic and private IPs only, in this case the IP is not a public IP and remote users will not be able to access the live view or recording device without proper network settings. However, PowerCCTV provides the video hosting server, which requires no port mapping and no port forwarding. The DDNS settings offered makes network configuration hassle free for users.


4- Integration Ability

To maximize the solution provided by PowerCCTV, we provide several integration interfaces to third party software and hardware. For example, PowerCCTV could help to integrate with a third party browser based GPS system. With this integration, users are able to double click the vehicles on the map via their browser and it immediately pops out a live video stream. The interface could also integrate with DI device such as the panic button or G-Sensor. With the panic button, drivers can press it and the headquarters will receive an immediate pop out video stream and view the actual occurrence. If for example a truck has been hit and the G sensor gets triggered then the HQ will automatically receive an immediate pop out live video working over the 4G network.


5- Comprehensive Software Platform

PowerCCTV does not only provide the hardware, the solution includes comprehensive software for users. A cloud based web portal log in allows users to access and manage the recording device anytime and anywhere without installing a dedicated software on certain PCs. The Viewer11 software provides unlimited channels for monitoring. Its notifications will also provide pop out videos and send audio alarms if any event (such as in the event the panic button is pressed or the G sensor is triggered).

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