Tips On How to Better Secure Your Router

The router is the first thing you should protect and defend against possible hackers trying to gain access to your device and in this case you’re IP CCTV. Unfortunately several top routers we have in the market today can be easily hacked, so below are the basic tips on how to secure your router.

Basic Settings that you should Change

First change the administrator’s password that was set by the manufacturer by default. Try to change the username as well if it is possible. Then change the name of the network or the SSID so the CCTV and your devices won’t allow connections coming from networks with similar names, and this will also avoid giving the hackers clue to the model of your router. Then lastly set the security mode of your wireless network to WPA2 and make sure to use a long and a hard to crack password.

These are the basic security changes that you should already have. Aside from these there are other two ways you may do to make sure your network is truly secure and locked down.

  1. Updating the Firmware on a Regular Basis

It is important to maintain a current firmware whether you are using the firmware that came with your router or a third party firmware. There are always new security challenges or bugs coming up all the time. The steps on updating the firmware may differ from one router to the other but most of them will notify you to update for the new firmware under the control panel. Otherwise you may also enter in your browser the IP address and log in details then go over the advanced settings. Another option is to go to the manufacturer’s website and under support check for available new firmware. There are also some models that automatically updates to the latest stock firmware.

  1. Turning off Remote Administration

Many routers by default already have the remote administration turned off, however if you want to make sure check it first. It is also called enable web access or remote management. Remote management or administration provides access to the control panel of the router outside the office or home network.

These are some basic tips to securing your router for CCTV use to avoid tampering from hackers and other people trying to gain unwanted access to it.

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