Thermal Camera Solution

Introduction Of Infrared Heat Sensing Camera

In 1800, Sir Fredrick William Herschel an astronomer discovered infrared. He was curious of the thermal difference of light colors and directed sunlight through a glass prism and created a spectrum and measured each colors temperature. He later discovered that from the violet to the red color part of the spectrum the temperature of color increases. This led to the discovery of infrared radiation or thermal heat radiation which is present on objects that has temperatures above absolute zero.

In recent years Traditional CCTV cameras view image from the light reflection of objects. Visible light reflection makes the image color and invisible light (IR LED) makes the viewing into black and white. In terms of thermal camera, it views the image from the collection of “heat” of objects; therefore, it could work in day and night time even if there is no light in the environment.


PowerCCTV Solutions And Applications

PowerCCTV Security Solution took the thermal imaging a bit further it consists of both conventional camera and thermal image into 1 camera unit. PowerCCTV Security Solution introduces thermal CCTV camera that has 1080P resolution camera view as well as producing thermal image video simultaneously. Such solution could help users to be alarmed and notified when there is a sudden abnormal changes in temperature from the thermal sensor while giving users a clear FULL HD 1080P of the actual scene, to help users determine further what actions to be taken. With PowerCCTV Security solution thermal camera, users are not only using itas an ordinary CCTV camera but also act as fire prevention, overheat prevention and system monitoring.

There are many applications of PowerCCTV thermal camera. One of them is plant predictive maintenance wherein you can apply thermal CCTV in production facilities. This will enable the company to prevent machinery overheat, fire , high voltage power overloads, damaged insulation, steam traps, and internal fuse damage.


High Power Line


Overheated Motor  


Steam Trap


Damaged Insulation


Fuse Damage

Other application and Causes of breakdown or fire:

  1. Electrical systems/Power grids – electrical overloads, short circuiting,improper cable insulation, damage cables, incorrect secured stacking of cables, Oxidation of high voltage switches, corroded connections, high resistance connections, Poor connection and internal damage,
  2. Mechanical installations–Motor failure due to overheat, load fatigue, misalignment, lubrications issuesinstability, machine corrosion, overloaded pumps, hot bearings and overheated motor bearings
  3. Pipe Work – heat leakage, pipe blockage, insulation breakdowns.
  4. Refractory and petrochemical installations – Insulation issues, Heat transfer from huge pipes are blocked, Refractory loss and condenser fin issues.

Other applications

  1. Flare – gas temperature detection which are invisible to the human eye
  2. Tank level – temperature difference from the liquid inside a tank.

Thermal View Difference

Thermal Camera new image1

Normal Electrical Supply


Overheated Connection

Other Electrical Application


Corroded Connections


High Resistance Connections

Thermal Image And Labels


The Camera Setup allows users to send notification if the temperature is higher or below to the pre-configured temperature limit.


Software Applications

Thermal Camera new image2

PowerCCTV Security not only provides the thermal camera, but also provides a comprehensive software platform to user; therefore, they could really fully maximize and utilize the features of the thermal cameras.

The provided unlimited channel CMS (central management system) monitoring software can be installed in multiple locations. When the thermal camera is triggered (either the temperature is above or below the preset temperature), the CMSstations receive the triggered notifications including Pop up screen, audio alarm, and camera icon flashing. Guards then can immediately have normal 1080P Full HD view as well as thermal image view and could give instructions to response the alarms before any damages happen.


The thermal IP cam can also immediately record the video on the SD card or the alarmed video can be recorded on the NVR (optional) for further investigation. Even when the guards are not in the CCTV room, guards can also receive the notifications through mobile phone push notification or WeChat push notification as well.


The provided CMS software is unlimited channel and you can utilize it to build up a Video Wall in the CMS room. You can customize a screen to display thermal camera protected video and other screens to show other CCTV video in a facility or plant. The CMS software gives you a flexibility to design your CCTV display layout according to the requirements of clients.

Furthermore, you can always contact PowerCCTV Security Solution 24/7 through our on line chat,
our specialized technicians will assist you to configure systems via remote access software.