Surveillance As A Service Solution

PowerCCTV security solution offers a complete “Surveillance as A Service” solution for service providers including telecom providers, network infrastructure owners, ISP providers, alarm monitoring companies, or any service providers who would like to run video surveillance as one of their offered services. This solution can provide comprehensive features including cloud based video recording, event snapshot storage, SMS notification, alarm notification, video stream server, and other customized services depending on the requirements of the service providers.


There are two types of fundamental servers needed in this solution. First is the “Registration server”, called as “Rserver”. Another type is called the domain server, called as “Dserver”

Functions of “Rserver”

  1. Cloud user name and password management.
  2. Application servers host (alarm server, SMS server, and iOS/Android push notification server) management.
  3. Cloud based SNMP management
  4. Data base management
  5. User log management


Functions of “Dserver”

  1. Handshake between network cameras and remote users
  2. Inform and update the current network information of network cameras to servers and remote users
  3. Assign video streams to application servers if there are any application servers hosted.
  4. Application servers host (Cloud based video recording server, cloud based video hosting server, and cloud based snapshot photo server).

Service providers may setup multiple Dserver in different regions or cities to accelerate the handshaking speed or even to back up other Dservers in case of any failure happening to any servers.


Service application servers

In order to enhance the various services and features for service providers, PowerCCTV has designed several application servers. PowerCCTV believes these various application servers could help the providers to provide more comprehensive features; therefore, these features are able to help service providers with sales and generating more revenues.


Application Server under Rserver


The application servers under Rserver are more about the “notification” type. There are three optional application servers:

a- Push notification server à This server is used to send a push notifications to Andriod/iOS devices when there are any events triggered by the network cameras or NVR.

b- SMS Server à This server is used to send SMS messages to any pre-configured phone numbers when there are any events triggered by the network cameras or NVR.

c- Alarm Server à This server is used to store any event activities of the network cameras and the NVR. The events are saved as logs, which users are able to look up under the event logs and playback the event video.


Application Server under Dserver


The application servers under Dserver are more about the “function” type. There are three optional application servers

a- Cloud video recording server à This server is used to record any assigned network cameras and saves the video on this server. Then users are able to playback from browsers, phones, and provided software Viewr11 with their cloud user name and password.

b- RTMP video stream server à This server is used to broadcast any assigned network cameras to remote users or embed the videos on the browsers without requiring any plug ins.

c- Cloud Snapshot server à This server is used to take photos of any assigned cameras. Users could use this server to take photos of assigned cameras periodically and make time-lapse videos. This server can also take snapshots if the cameras or the NVR gets triggered by any event.

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