Security Monitoring Solution

PowerCCTV 24/7 Turnkey Proactive Security Monitoring Solution

Security cameras are being recognized as a very useful tool to have these days due to the security threats and problems that are happening everywhere, in any part of the world such as intrusions, prohibited access, burglary, theft, trespassing and vandalism such as graffiti which have become common misdemeanors in recent times. Today security cameras have become extremely powerful, technologically advanced and more compact and highly portable. Now checking the video footages even within your fingertips via laptops and smartphone apps from any location is possible.

However most security cameras no doubt can provide the evidence after being reviewed however the damage has been done or after the security issue or threat has happened. Isn’t it? Everyone aims for early detection and prevention at the same time. The CCTV cameras’ limitation is that they cannot act and think as humans do and call the proper authorities for us when we are miles away and take the best decision or course of action to make. Most of us cannot rely on neighbors or others to save our homes, valuables and properties. Who would dare go to such a dangerous situation, so even when you see the live feed and catch the perpetrators on the act, you just end up feeling your blood rising, disturbed and sleepless.

What about if you happen to be sleeping or out on dinner or your phone’s battery went empty. Then you end up seeing later on that there was a notification that a burglary attempt has happened however it has been hours too late to do anything. The footages captured can only then help in the investigation which can take days to close.

Even in this technologically advanced age, we cannot deny that the most intelligent form of action that can be done still comes from ourselves from the brain power, common sense and human intelligence, PowerCCTV offers a 24x 7 monitoring system. While you sleep, while you are in the gym, while you are out, buying groceries, while you are at work let us give you the peace of mind.

We will assure you a dedicated staff to watch anything and everything in your property, house or office and act accordingly based on protocols you set up yourself. Our team is flexible to the security measures you want our staff to take and follow them to the tea. We monitor for your safety, security while considering your need for utmost privacy. It can be as flexible and cost effective as you want basing on rules set by your organization’s protocols.

High end offices and large companies have a complete dedicated team monitoring every corner of their office space and the personnel do nothing except monitor for security threats. What if they fall asleep, goes to the toilet or get coffee or technologically savvy hackers shut down your in house monitoring systems. An outside monitoring system completely isolated from your own system will definitely give more advantage.

Lessen the burden of hiring 24×7 monitoring personnel or additional human resources. Remote verification or confirmation of any threats, burglary, forcible entry, and prohibited access by other staff can be detected by our 24×7 monitoring team in real time.  Take your time to talk to one of our security specialists, and let us work together to build the perfect security solution for your safety and expand your business with the security issues out of your worries.