School Surveillance System

Why Schools Need to Have Surveillance Systems?

Protecting and guarding the well being of the students and school staff is one of the basic concerns for any school these days. A well installed video surveillance system in a school is an important measure for assuring safety and security inside the school premises. Schools experiencing challenges such as student violence, trespassing or vandalism in the campus can realize that surveillance cameras are very much needed in resolving such cases as it happens.


Benefits of School Surveillance Cameras

IP Camera Surveillance System

Ease and Quick Installation –PowerCCTVs offer HD IP Security Camera Systems which may be installed as wireless or wired system within a computer network. This is different from analog systems because IP cams can be set up and configured by the user to their requirements or security needs. This also allows users to broadcast the video fees over the Internet which makes monitoring the school cameras quick and easy 24/7.

Video Monitoring System

Monitoring Guests– One of the problems a lot of schools face is how to manage and control visitors trying to access the school. By putting up security cameras at the entrance you can help the security or administrative workers monitoring the cameras. This is also an effective way to counteract incidence of theft and trespassing. Students will still be able to move around in the premises with ease.


HD Camera Security System

Security and Safety –High quality security camera systems in schools can help develop safety in the school premises, this discourages misbehavior. If strategically placed conspicuously, surveillance cameras can reduce incidence of vandalism and violent activities.


Tips to securing your school:

  1. Have trained security personnel who will monitor the surveillance cameras during school hours.
  2. Install surveillance cameras to possible places where students may misbehave
  3. Surveillance cameras should have high resolution, great video output/video enhancement features, Infrared camera feature, vandal proof and should be easy to install.
  4. Buy surveillance cameras with state of the art hardware and software which can network several surveillance cameras monitor or view them both internally and externally online through the cloud.
  5. Communicate with the students to report any untoward incident and analyze the surveillance cameras for review.


PowerCCTV’s Solutions

Our main mission is to offer our customers value for money with high-quality surveillance systems and the school is one of them. Our dome and bullet surveillance cameras have top of the line features in the market currently. Here are the main features of our cameras:

  1. Vandal-Proof (IK10) which is unbreakable and can last through time
  2. Data in/Data out features which can send a signal to an alarm system or send an emergency call
  3. Grain Media Chipset Technology which has an H.264 high profile compression, meaning extra 20% bandwidth efficiency.
  4. Video Enhancement features like Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR), AWB (Automatic White Balance) and Back Light compensation (BLC).
  5. See images even at night with the Brilliant Infrared (IR) feature with the farthest distance of up to 35 meters with clarity.
  6. Integrated storage feature that can store recorded videos through the use of a Micro SD card.
  7. Integrated Mic and Speaker which can be used to communicate with the students or trespassers and give them a warning that they are being monitored and the police are on their way.

We also have a state of the art Network Video Recorder (NVR) system that is also deployed together with the cameras. The NVR supports 48 channels of surveillance cameras, 8 Hard disk drives for storage and can connect a security staff to its Cloud platform services which can view any surveillance camera within its network.

Our passion for strengthening security does not end here, contact us to obtain a free CCTV installation consultation and free cost estimate on our hotline at 1-212-997-2000 or email us at We would love to talk to you and learn your security requirements. We provide 24X7 online chat customer service and technical support.