Remote Area Surveillance Solution

Surveillance of remote area scan is challenging due to the lack infrastructures such as power grid, networks, and even lighting. PowerCCTV Security has a solution for it by introducing 3G/4G modem embedded network cameras with starlight image sensors. This camera could be used with the existing 3G/4G network in the area to transmit videos back to the security rooms and the starlight image sensors can see the images in color instead of plain black & white even when there is only less than 0.01 Lux light available in the remote area.


To power up the camera, users could use the solar panel and battery to power up the 4G camera.


The IP cam can be embedded with a micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB for internal recording. With the H.264 high profile compression, a 128GB Micro SD card can hold 1080P 15fps recording for up to 1 week.


Furthermore, PowerCCTV also offers a video hosting service, which solves one issue the internet IP may have. The Internet IP assigned by 3G/4G service providers are usually private IPs. If the Internet IP is a private IP, it means the IP cameras need to do port forwarding and configure the DDNS setting, which the 3G/4G service providers are not likely to do this for you because these assigned virtual IPs are usually dynamic and changes at certain time. If IP changes, the service providers have to redo the port forwarding again. With PowerCCTV’s video hosting server, there is no PORT MAPPING/PORT FORWRADING/DDNS needed.


PowerCCTV also provides unlimited CMS software which you can install in a PC for centralized monitoring. Alternatively, you could also register the 4G camera to PowerCCTV’s free Cloud Web log in portal with your own user name and password created then users will be able to view the camera from anywhere and anytime with browsers using any iOS/Andriod device.


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