PowerCCTV Video Relay Solution

Pre-Register your Sniper Cloud Camera to PowerCCTV – Video Relay Service
Sniper cloud cameras purchased through eLine which uses the EPK Solutions hosting servers will no longer work December 22, 2015.

PowerCCTV Video Relay Solutions has taken over the video hosting services which will require a minimal fee.

***If you would like to resume using your standard camera (bullet/dome), you may subscribe and continue to benefit of using the video relay service.

Instruction on how to connect your cameras will be sent to you once you have subscribed and pay the service.

IMPORTANT: If you chose not to use the cloud services, you will lose the ability to connect to multiple cameras at multiple locations through one user login.

If you want to continue using your Sniper Cloud 4G camera, a subscription is the only option.


Registration Form


Please enter the DEVICE ID for each camera type. (Please retrieve the Device ID from Management Menu of www.cloud-nvr.com or from IP Cam_setup from the GKB Loader.)