PowerCCTV Starlight Cameras


Starlight cameras are security cameras with the unique capability of slowing down the electronic shutter to catch sufficient light for the chip-set of the CCD, to be able to record the videos with color even under very low lighting


In specific conditions for lighting, this actually becomes a standard and at specific times, its camera acts automatically and accumulates in the best amount of light it can possibly gather to be able to generate the highest resolution for the color of the image.

Starlight cameras are typically used in indoor purposes for different types of businesses, wherein videos with infrared are not required at all. Even though Starlight cameras will not be able to see in the complete darkness, it is able to get too close to it prior to the dimness of the actual picture. The appearance the image comes out of is the actual real color instead of the black and white color that comes out by using infrared.

Night Time Outdoors


PowerCCTV offers this camera as the best solution especially for places that are too dark for example to professional nature photographers who require to follow the animals they want to take pictures of in Africa to capture their natural behavior without disturbance from any kind of light source. These animals are typically bothered and would not act naturally when they sense light or people surrounding them. Starlight cameras is also useful for business applications such as parking spots especially at night, prison areas for fence protection, Businesses that switches off light at night and needs continues monitoring because they contain valuable good such as jewelry stores or offices with top secret information.

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