Plug-ins Free and Low Latency Video Streaming Solution

A video streaming solution that is plug-ins free and has low latency could be used for online or live education, on-line casino gaming (tele-betting and on line betting), or any internet video application that requires no plug-ins and low latency.

Low Latency Video Streaming Solution 1

PowerTech security solution offers a complete solution for the customers to host their own live video streaming at a minimal investment. Such solution from Powertech involves minimum hardware and devices, which gives IT people and operators ease of mind in maintaining and operating the solution.

What makes our solution unique is our powerful multi-media servers, capable of converting video into various formats (RTSP, RTMP, HLS, HTTP) for different client side applications. This powerful multi-media server could handle multiple video streams; therefore, it is more economical instead of using a capture card + PC solution for a single video. It could also record videos for operators for review later on and when the video is needed to be retrieved.

Below is the solution diagram.
Low Latency Video Streaming Solution 2

To support our clients, Powertech is open for any customization requirement, to provide a more amazing and unforgettable live video experience.