Plug-ins Free and Low Latency Video Streaming Solution

Highly Effective Online Casino Streaming Solution

Online casinos carry one of the most difficult and highly complex environments for continuous surveillance in this world. Gaming casinos require the best quality of pictures and third party integrations or applications and very minimal if none redundancy and the highest flexibility as well as response time.


On-line real time casino has been emerging in the current markets. All of the casino operators target and offer the land-based gaming experience to online players. To achieve such experience, a plug-in free, real time video streaming with low latency is highly required and plays a critical role in the whole solution.

Low Latency Video Streaming Solution 1

PowerTech security solution offers a complete video streaming solution to all on line casino operators. Such solution from Powertech involves minimum hardware and devices, which gives IT people and operators the ease of mind in maintaining and operating the solution.

What make our solution unique are our powerful multi-media servers capable of converting videos into various formats (RTSP, RTMP, HLS, FLV of HTTP, Fragmented MP4, MJEPG-DASH) suitable for various and different kinds of client side applications. This powerful multi-media server could handle multiple video streams; therefore, more economical versus the capture card + PC solution for one video. It could also record videos for operators for post review when it is needed. Furthermore, in order to welcome the era of HTML5, Powertech even provides the live video streaming solution for iOS and Android browsers. In HTML5, Powertech is offering low latency HLS and fragmented MP4 video streams, which are compatible in both iOS and Android. Powertech also offers MJEPG format, which is also decodable in iOS and Android without the necessary additional apps.

Below is the solution diagram.
Low Latency Video Streaming Solution 2

To support our clients, Powertech is open for any customized requirement, to provide a more amazing and unforgettable live online casino video experience.


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