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Park Security System

PowerCCTV for Theme Parks

A CCTV system is a common sight to any establishment specially theme parks found across the world.  The indispensable use of Park Security Systems not only improves the security but also the theme parks’ daily operations. These areas get crowded and become apt for accidents and unlawful incidents , such as pick-pocketing and theft.. An area covered by surveillance will aid first responders in emergencies and the police in gathering evidence and possible suspect identification. Guests and Theme park staff will benefit using CCTV or IP based surveillance in an amusement park setting.


Advantages of using CCTVs in Amusement Parks

Theme Park Surveillance System

Rides Safety: A well placed security camera will increase the operator’s awareness on a rider’s safety even before the ride begins. When the ride takes place the operator can monitor to make sure the riders are safe and out of harm’s way.


Child Safety:  Theme Parks can occupy a vast space.  The possibility of a child getting lost becomes high.  With the help of PowerCCTV Park Security Systems the security staff can help locate the child inside the premises. The security staff can also monitor would be perpetrators thus preventing any crime from happening.


Theft prevention:  Food stalls, shops and stores inside the premises can be watched over. Theft from these establishments would be deterred. Thus becoming an effective preventive measure against income loss. Trained staff may view the video and identify incidents of internal theft, unapproved discounts, credit card abuse, and fraudulent returns. When someone commits a crime and is caught on camera, police and other law enforcement officials can use the footage to release a video or photos to the public via various media outlets.


Prevention against Vandalism and Improper use of facility:  CCTV provides tools to monitor employees’ work behavior. It prevents misuse of property and vandalism. With the presence of security cameras it would deter would be offenders since a video footage can prosecute criminals.


Insurance Liabilities:  Accidents do happen no matter how hard we try to prevent it.  Security cameras can help protect visitors and staff alike.  CCTV images may be helpful to your insurance claim; then you can discuss it with your insurer or claims advisor.

Video Monitoring System

Traffic monitoring: Of course, cameras are used by traffic police to monitor traffic. Most of the cities and highways have extensive traffic-monitoring systems that help detect congestion and notice accidents. The same surveillance system software application can be used in Theme Parks. Park Management can plan ahead based on the data captured by cameras based on the traffic flow and come up with ways how to maintain or increase its efficiency. This will also help in disaster management such as fire and other acts of nature.

Why PowerCCTVs Security Cameras

Theme Park Operators are often concerned about complexity and the sheer size of the area of operations. This is not a problem. PowerCCTVs Park Security Systems Cameras can be used along with a wide range of products to get the camera images where you want them.

This may include long range radio, to the use of Broadband Network or even mobile broadband. High resolution cameras ensure that security personnel get the detailed image they need. This is especially important during their time off. The user can direct the camera to exactly where they want to view and zoom in for a closer look.

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