How To Updating The Firmware Of IP Cameras

Note: Make sure that the IP camera is connected to the local network that the computer is connected or the IP cameras is directly connected to a computer using a network cable.

1- Download the latest Camera Setup found on our website

2- Unzip and install to your computer.


3- Double click on the Cam_setup icon on the desktop.


4- Once Cam-Setup is opened select the IP camera from the camera list located on the lower right side. You can confirm that the cameras have been selected if you see the camera view on the screen.

5- On the bottom part of the screen you will see update firmware button. Click it and a screen will pop out and will show the latest firmware version. Select on the cameras that you will be updating and hit on Update firmware button.

updating wireframe image 3

6- Updating may take a few minutes and there will be a progress bar.

NOTE: DO NOT turn off the computer or the IP camera while doing this process.

7- Updating the firmware will make the IP camera program stable and open up some features.