How to Troubleshoot a PowerCCTV IP Camera

When cameras are offline on the from the live view. As seen on the picture below.

How to Troubleshoot a PowerCCTV IP Camera1

Possible Solutions

1- Check on the SNMP report first by going to this website login with the username and password. Check when was the last time that it was online and when was the last time it was offline. SNMP report looks like the picture below.


2- After logging in to the SNMP page go to the Latest Alarm Information and look for the OFFLINE instances and the last ONLINE instance. You will see the online and offline instances of the cameras that are connected to the group. See photo below.

How to Troubleshoot a PowerCCTV IP Camera3

3- When you see the SNMP report try to ignore the Connect to NB-Server failed messages instead look for Alarm Messages that are indicated as ONLINE and OFFLINE only.

4- How to analyze the offline instances

a. If connected to a power adapter

How to troubleshoot

  • Look for the power adapter’s power outlet if there is power.
  • Check if the power adapter is working properly most of power adapters have a red light indicator when powered. If possible try it on another device or another IP camera
  • Check the connections if it’s plugged in correctly to the IP camera.
  • After the first 3 steps were checked you need to then check if the IP camera is working. You can see that the IP camera is powered up when you see the IR light lit up when you close the front lens with your hand (see below image)
How to Troubleshoot a PowerCCTV IP Camera4

b. If connected to a POE Switch

How to troubleshoot

  • Check if the POE switch is turned on. Look at the indicator light and if all ports are working particularly on the ports where the IP camera that are indicated as offline on the SNMP report
How to Troubleshoot a PowerCCTV IP Camera5
  • Look at the POE status and link if it was connected to the right port that provides POE for the IP camera.
  • Restart the POE switch and see if the lights lit up on the particular port.
  • Once restarted check on the IP camera and look at the IR light if it lit up.
  • If no light lit up on both PoE Switch indicator and IR light try placing it to another port. If it lit up after placing it on another one, it means that there is a problem with that port. If it did not work, there is a possibility that it’s a cable issue.

c. Check internet connection

If A and B shows that power is all good on either POE switch or power adaptor next that you would need to check is the internet connection.

  • Check the routers if WAN, LAN and Wireless lights indicators are lit up.
  • If not try restarting it and then check if the indicators are lit up.
  • If the router provides Wi-Fi, try accessing the SSID assigned to the Router and try to connect to the internet. If the router does not provide Wi-Fi you can try to connect a UTP cable to your laptop to check if the connection to the internet is working.
  • If the internet is not working try contacting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check if there is a current downtime or maintenance going on.