How To Set Up Video Quality Settings

1- Open Camera Setup     

2- Double click Cam-setup icon.


3- Double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen it has been selected correctly.

Select Camera

4- Look for the VIDEO option on the upper right side of the Cam-setup.

Select Video

5- After clicking the VIDEO there will be video options slider for Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.The adjustments will be depending on the view of the area but by default the sliders are adjusted in the middle.

Video Settings

6- Below the slider you can see the FPS (Frames per Second) drop-down options. This will show the speed of the video capture. The lower the FPS the slower the motion on the video capture.


7- Next to FPS is the RESOLUTION which will show how you can view it on the screen. The higher the resolution the bigger the image or video it will show.

RES 720P

8- Below the Resolution you can see the Constant Bit Rate. This is how video data will be sent. There is a minimum and maximum limit depending on the resolution and FPS that you have selected.


9- Click on Save once you are done setting up the Video Settings of the IP Camera.