How to set up motion detection on an IP Camera

  1. Open CamSetup     

2- Double Click Cam_Setup icon.


3- Double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen then it has been selected correctly.

Select Camera

4- Look for the Mini DVR option on the upper right side of the Cam-setup.

Mini DVR

5- Find the Motion Detection button on the lower part of the Mini DVR settings and click it.

Motion Detaction

6- Once clicked a pop up window will appear for the Motion detection settings.

Motion Detaction Settings

7- Click on Area settings and you will see 3 areas. Area 1,  Area 2 and Area 3. Every area has their settings individually for threshold and sensitivity. Settings for threshold and sensitivity are set once installed since there are factors that need to be considered like people moving around, rain and wind (if outside).

Area Selection

Note: Threshold adjustment is related to changes on the movement on the frames per second, and sensitivity adjustment is related to pixel changes.

8- You can also see 3 tick boxes for the 3 areas. When checked it signifies that it is being monitored. Color coding shows what area it monitors. RED – Area 1, GREEN – Area 2 and BLUE – Area 3.

Area 1-2-3

9- You can also select the whole area which will select the whole view of the IP camera and Clear settings which will clear the selected area.

Whole Area setting

10- You can set the desired area by using your mouse and drag to create a square or rectangle shape area on the current view. Below shows the selected and whole Area selection.

Selected area

Select Area

Whole area

Whole Area

11- Once you have selected the desired area click on SAVE to keep the settings.