How To Set Up Email Alarm On Camsetup

1- Open Camera Setup 

2- Double click on Cam-setup icon.


3- Double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen then it has been selected correctly.


4- Look for the Mini DVR option on the upper right side of the Cam-setup.


5- Find the Motion Detection button on the lower part of the Mini DVR settings and click it.

motion detaction

6- Once clicked a pop up window will appear for the Motion detection settings by default it is on the Area Settings and you have to select Email Alarm Setting.

motion detaction setting

7- Under the Email setting you will see a tick box that says Enable Email Alarm. Once checked it will send out an email notification whenever there is motion detected on the selected area/s.

email alaram

8- You can input the email address/es of those people you would like to receive email alerts.


9- You can also select the events in which the recipients will receive updates. Once checked it means if there is motion on that selected area an email will be sent to the recipients.


10- You can edit the preset email by clicking on the EDIT button shown below the Event section and you will then see the email that will be sent to you from the SUBJECT to the CONTENT of the email.


11- There are 4 preset and clickable contents that you can use. <NETCAMNAME>It will show the name of the camera. <SERIALNUMBER>It will show the Serial number of the camera. <TIME>It will show the time on when the motion happened <MOTIONDESC>You can write description. After setting everything click on OK and then SAVE it.

edit subject

12- You can schedule the alarm email if needed by putting a check on the tick box and changing the time duration. After setting the time click on OK and then save the settings

13- Note: This may be needed in cases motion in the set areas are frequent during the day and must only be activated during night time.

alaram schedule

14- In order for the Email alarm to work you need to set the server that it would use. Clicking on the Set Server button will show the text box you need to fill out. Server – This is the email server that the camera would use to send email alert once motion detection has been triggered. Sender – This would be the name of the person used to send the email alert. Account – Email account to be used. Password – password details. Confirm – rewrite the password on this text box. Click on OK and SAVE once done.

set server