How To Secure You IP Camera’s CamSetup

1- Open Camera Setup



2- Select an IP camera by double clicking the name and at the right side of the screen look for the SYSTEM Tab (A) and click it. It is located on the upper right side

stream format

3- After seeing the options available for SYSTEM look for the UPDATE PWD option (B). Initially the Old password has no password or just blank and you need to put a New password and retype it on the Confirm text box and then click on OK to save.

update password

hints and tips

Passwords should be alphanumeric so that it won’t be prone to hacking.

4- You will see a cloud notification message to confirm that the password has been saved.

password modifi

5- Close the Cam-setup and open it again to see if it will prompt you with the password.

6- Once Cam-setup has been opened, look for the cameras located on the lower right corner of the screen. Click the camera and a password prompt will appear.

camera east

7- A password prompt similar to the image below will appear with the name of the camera. Input the password that you have typed to enter the Camera’s setup and configuration page.

name of the camera

8- Once you put the password you can now access the configuration page of Camera Setup.