How To Retrieve Video Recordings From The SD Card

1- Open Camera Setup 

2- Double click on Cam-setup icon.


3- Double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen then it has been selected correctly.


4- Look for the Download option on the upper right side of the Cam-setup.


5- Click on the Management button that will appear once DOWNLOAD option is clicked. Then click on Management button in order to go to the Download Management options.

download managment

6- You can set the time frame and duration of the video you would like to download. Once everything is set click on download. To download the recorded video that was stored in the SD Card.

7- You can change the download location from its default of D:/IPCamera by clicking on the Settings button. You can also see the remaining free space and the Maximum file size in (MB). Click on OK to save changes.