How To Register Your IP Camera

IMPORTANT NOTE: Register provided the IP Camera has been mounted and all the cables were properly connected.

Below are the instructions on how to register your IP camera.

1- Download and Install the setup file of Camera Setup. Go to this link to download.

2- Unzip the file and install Camera Setup.

3- After installation you can see icon on the desktop of your computer


4- Double click the icon to open Cam Setup.


5- Once open double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen then it has been selected correctly.


6- Look into the camera details located below the camera view screen. Take note of the Device SN and click on COPY button to copy it onto the clipboard.


7- Now below the camera details you will see New Account click it to register you camera.

new account

8- Click on New Account and you will go to this webpage.


9- Fill out the information needed

D-Server: Select the Location and D-server that is near your location (Server1 in the USA)

Device ID: This can be found in the cam_setup below the viewing screen (screenshot below). Click COPY button and then paste it to the Device ID found in the registration page.

device sn

Username: This can be assigned and will be permanent. CHANGES are not possible. ID may consist of a-z, 0-9 and underscores, and must be less than 20 characters.

hints and tipsPut the username that can be easily remembered or significant to its purpose.

Password: Create a password. Password must not be less than 4 characters, and cannot contain blank space.

hints and tipsPasswords should be alphanumeric so that it won’t be prone to hacking.

Re-type password: retype password

Security question: Put a hint or a security question in case you forget your password, you can retrieve it.

Your answer: Answer to the security question

Email: The email address that will receive this password in case you forget it.

Send product modification info: This can be answered by YES or NO

10- Click on the Register Button.


11- Once it has been successfully registered you will received a confirmation page saying “ Sign up successfully, please sign in before your admin does, your devices and sub-users.