How To Make Adjustment On The Camera Settings

1- Open Camera Setup. 

2- Double click Cam_Setup icon.


3- Double click on the camera that you would like to configure. Once you have a camera view on the screen then it has been selected correctly.


4- Look for the CAMERA option on the upper right side of the CamSetup.

camera selected

5- Once Camera has been selected you can see 3 buttons.

video set

6- When Video Set is selected you can see the Frequency adjustments.


7- After Frequency you can see a tick box called Rotate and Mirror. These are used for in case the location of the IP camera requires rotation and needs a mirror image to have the best view of the image or video.


8- The next camera options are the 3 Slider adjustments for Sharpness, Brightness and Gain. These are adjusted depending on the location of the camera and the lighting conditions.


9- Next option is the back-light. The backup light is used to help the camera video to increase its lighting condition.


10- After Back-light you can see the Internal Mic and Outer Mic and Microphone volume. Internal mic is the built in mic on the IP camera and Outer Mic is the Audio in the cable which is part of the cables attached to the IP camera.

inter mic

11- In case you did not like the settings you have set you can always change it to default again by pressing the DEFAULT button beside the SAVE.

12- The next option that you can adjust is the AWB (Automatic White Balance). There are 6 present radio buttons you can select from and this depends on the working area where the IP Camera is located. The default setting is on AUTO MODE.

AWB mode

13- Next option you can adjust is the ADVANCE button. In the ADVANCE button you can adjust through the slider the Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.The adjustments will be depending on the view of the area but by default the sliders are adjusted in the middle.


14- Under the slider adjustments you can also adjust the amount of Noise present in the Camera view by adjusting the DE-NOISE slider.

Dp noice

15- Next is the Min FPS and Color Mode Drop-down adjustment. There are 7 present options for MIN FPS and 2 Modes for COLOR MODE.

mini fps 2

16- If you are not satisfied with the adjustments made. You can always click on DEFAULT. If all are good don’t forget to save the adjusted options.