How To Install IP Security Camera (Dome)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assuming that the location of the camera has been set the below instructions are to be followed.

Hardware Preparation:

1. Check if the package is complete.

2. Inside the box it should have theDomeIP Camera, Screws, Installation CD and the Manual.

3. Network cable (UTP Cable Cat 5e) and RJ45 (connectors) used for power and network connection.

4. POE Switch or POE power injector.(see Accessories Page for recommended products)

5. DC 12 V power adaptor if POE injector or switch is not available (optional).

6. A ROUTER with active internet connection.

How To Install IP Security Camera

How To Install IP Security Camera hardware Installation:

1. First you need to check if the ceiling is safe to drill and to attach the Dome IP Camera.

2. Consider the length of the network cable and power cable that will run through the ceiling or wall for both network connection and power source.


Measure the approximate size of the network cable or power cable prior to the installation of the metal base plate of the dome camera. This way you will just connect everything once the base plate has its fixed position.

3. After checking on step 1 and 2 you can proceed with Open the housing by turning the top cover as picture indicates.

How To Install IP Security Camera

4. Once the top cover has been removed. Take out the installation plate from the housing. Make sure to press forward the mortise forward and then turn back side and turn counter clockwise to remove installation plate.

How To Install IP Security Camera

5. When the installation plate has been remove you can mount it to the wall or ceiling and drill the holes on where you will place the 3 screws.

6. Once the installation plate is screwed and in place you can put the camera back and turn clockwise to lock firmly.

How To Install IP Security Camera

7. If you need to make some minor adjustments you can do it by turning the inner black cover and lens to your ideal angle for a better view.

How To Install IP Security Camera

8. Once the camera has been attached to the ceiling or wall you need to power it using a POE Switch/POE power injector or a 12V DC power adaptor. You can hear a clicking sound which is a sign that it’s powering up. You will also notice that the IR lights surrounding the lens will light up.

9. Connect the cables (network cable/power cable) needed to power up the DomeIP camera.




It is better to use a POE switch or POE power injector because it has a double purpose feature which is to power up the Dome IP camera and have the network connection at the same time.

10. Adjust the lens position and angle according to your desired view.

How To Install IP Security Camera  Software Preparations:

1. You need a Windows based computer with Windows 7 or above to install the software.

2. Download Camera Setup from Software Download Center

3. Unzip it and install Camera Setup.

4. Once installed open it by clicking on the icon on the desktop.

How To Install IP Security Camera Opening Camera Setup

1. Once Camera Setup is open you will see below screen.

camera setup screen01

2. If the DomeIP camera has been powered up and connected to the router. The DomeIP camera will be detected and can be seen on the lower right corner of the screen.


3. Click on the Config radio button seen at the upper right portion of the camsetup.

Dome setup 9

4. A system pop up will now appear asking to switch to manual configuration? Click on OK

Dome setup 10

5. Now Double click on the camera that has been detected. If multiple cameras are installed to your router select the name the newly installed IP camera for configuration.

6. Camsetup will now show the Dome IP Camera view with the date (default) and name of the camera (default).

camera screen2

7. Below the screen it has useful information and details of the camera like the Camera Name, Device SN, IP address, Video Details and Firmware edition.

8. At the right side you can see all the options you can set for the cameras like Network, System, Video, PTZ (for PTZ cameras only), Camera, Mini DVR, Download and Playback

9. Look at the right side portion and look for network type and click on the dropdown button and select “Obtain an IP automatically”

Dome setup 12

10. Once set to “Obtain an IP address automatically” it will get an IP from the router. This IP address will now reflect to the camera details once saved. This will be shown at the lower left side of the camsetup screen. A green check mark will also be seen on the right part of the screen and will tell IP configuration succeeded.


11. Set up the Camera Time by clicking on the Clock Settings button. A system popup will now appear and you have to click on the Synchronized to the NTP if unchecked and select the NTP server to be used (Select NA NTP server in you are in the USA) Click on the tick box of “Enable DST” and select Mode 1 and select make adjustments on when will DST start and end.


12. NOW click on “SYSTEM” tab and you will see the following options. Change “Don’t connect to server” to “Connect to Server”


13. Next we would need to put the name of the DomeIP camera on “Camera Name”

How To Install IP Security Camera:


Put the name that can easily be remembered or significant to its purpose. For example: Front Gate CCTV, Parking Lot CCTV, Warehouse CCTV, etc.

14. If “Display time on video” is unchecked put a check on the tick box. This will make the images and video display the time on the screen.

15. Check if the firmware version is the latest one. As of this writing the new firmware is version 0.2.83. If in case there is a new firmware available the firmware version will show red color and blinking, to remind users to upgrade. Upgrading is easy you just have to click on update firmware.


16. Next is configure the SD Card during how to install IP security camera. Go to Mini DVR and click on Config SD. There will be options appearing on the screen.Click on Delete SD files to delete and the file that maybe on the sd card. Once deleted click on Start Recording and select Bootup recording, Normal Recording and Overwrite. Hit save once done.

SD Card Settings

How To Install IP Security Camera:


NOTE: You can check while doing how to install ip security camera if there is an SD card included on your IP camera by clicking on the SD Card Status. If the SD card Status pop up the IP camera has an SD card if not you need to buy and insert it on the IP camera.

17. You can check if the Dome camera is recording when you can see the blinking red camera on the camera list.


18. After setting up SD card recordings check if the Dome IP camera is connected to the server. Click on Update button and select Server1 and Click on OK button to connect it to the server. You can easily check if it’s connected when you see a green light which says Connected to the Server.

NOTE: Appropriate server must be selected to make the IP camera work.

camera setup screen02

19. Once the server is connected click on new account button located at the lower left part of the screen.

camera setup screen03

20. When clicked you will be opening a browser windows going to the registration website. Make sure it goes to the if not just click on the link to register you IP camera.

registration page

Fill out the information needed

Device ID: This can be found in the camsetup below the viewing screen screenshot below. Click COPY button and then paste it to the Device ID found in the registration page.


Username: This can be assigned and will be permanent. CHANGES is not possible. ID may consist of a-z, 0-9 and underscores, and must be less than 20 characters.



Put the username that can easily be remembered or significant to its purpose.

Password: Create a password. Password must not be less than 4 characters, and cannot contain blank space.



Passwords should be alphanumeric so that it won’t be prone to hacking.

Re-type password: retype password

Security question: Put a hint or security question in case you forget your password, you can get

Your answer: Answer to the security question

Email: The email address who will receive this password in case you forget.

Send product modification info: This can be answered by YES or NO

23. Once the camera has been registered you can now access the camera from the by going to this website


24. Once logged in you can access your installed Dome camera and view it on the cloud as seen on the example below.