En Genus WiFi Extender

There is a way to extend your Wi-Fi connection and make your Wi-Fi IP camera become more stable especially if the Wi-Fi camera is placed on a spot beyond the coverage of the Wi-Fi signal. There are other instances when there are walls or doors hampering the Wi-Fi signal strength. PowerCCTV has the solution for this which is the Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender extends or expands the range or the wireless coverage of the LAN. This device is typically placed between a base router and an access point or any other point or client that is not near enough to receive a decent wireless service or one that is located in between a barrier.

Point to point image for wifi extendr

This is a wireless access point that can be placed outdoors built with high gain antennas which greatly extends the range of the wireless transmission to deliver a much stable connection covering wide distances of even up to 5 miles provided there is a clear point to point line of communication. It is able to work even under extreme weather conditions and the housing is very sturdy. We recommend using the WiFi that uses the 5GHz rather than a WiFi extender that uses 2.4 GHz for the reasons below:

  1. To avoid interference from 2.4 GHz devices
  2. To provide faster data transmission rates and has fewer disconnections.
  3. Bluetooth and other wireless devices won’t be bothering you when using the 5GHz spectrum so there will be much lesser interference.

The range extender makes a connection wirelessly to the access point or to the router and pick up the signal then transmits it again. The transmission time or speed for the devices or clients trying to connect through the Wi-Fi extender may not always be equivalent to the service being received by the base station and there will be an increase in the latency for every hop. The Wi-Fi extender or range extender works better for devices or clients that have weaker signal strength than those that totally does not get any signal.

Typical System Requirements

  • Computer (Linux, Windows, Mac OS )
  • Web browser
  • Equipped with network interface
  • Wired connection: interface using RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • Wireless connection

Important things to consider when choosing Wi-Fi range extenders:

  • The range extender should be in the range of both the device and the source of signal.
  • It would require the encryption keys associated if the corresponding signal is likewise encrypted.
  • It uses an IP address that is static which is not identifiable by the client.
  • The signal strength being broadcasted by the device will typically be the same to that of the origin or source.
  • The system operates best if the Wi-Fi extender will use the same software and chipsets to that of the access point or the base router.

Recommended Products

  • EnGenuisEnstation 5 (Long-Range Wireless 5 GHz Outdoor AP/Bridge)
  • EnGenuisENH220EXT (Single Band Wireless Ruggedized N300 Outdoor Access Point)

A Wi-Fi extender can be one of the important and one of the most helpful accessories for your Wi-Fi IP security camera.

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