12 V Adpter

1- Buy the right wire:

We highly recommend the 12 V AWG 18 / AWG16 solid copper conductorsand we advise not to buy CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)

Solid Copper Conductors

solid copper conductors

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Copper Clad Aluminum wire

The 12 V AWG 18 2 Conductor Thermostat Cable is a good choice.

Make sure the distance is not over 25 meters between the IP cam and the power source if you plan to use this cable.

2- PAIR the 12V Male+Female 2.1×5.5MM DC Power Jack Plug Adapter Connector for the CCTV

DC Male Connector

DC Male Connector

3- Use the right adapter:

The required Power adapter is 12V at least 1A: Adapter 12V 2A AC DC Plug Power Supply for CCTV Security Camera System

Note: In case you will connect 2 IP Camera (CCTV) in parallel in one Power adaptor make sure that the Current (A) is higher than the required to drive current to the IP cameras. For example the required adaptor for each camera is 12V 1A, the adapter that you will select to be connected in parallel is a 12V 3A for the IP cameras to work.

The user must also use aswitching power adaptor best with voltage stabilizer

Specification: Over-Current/Short Output Protection: The power supply will withstand a continuous short output .Normal operation will resume when the short output protection has been removed.

12 V Adpter


  1. Cut the 12V AWG 18/16 2 conductor cable according to the length from the CCTV camera to the power plug. Pleasereserve extra length of wire just in case.
  2. Use the small Phillips screw driver to connect the wire to DC male connector on one end and the DC female connector on the other end.
  3. Lay the 12V 2 conductor wire from the location of the CCTV to the power plug.
  4. Next connect the DC male Connector to the CCTV power adapter end (Female).
  5. Lastly, connect the DC female connector to the power adapter end (Male).