How to create groups and include your IP Camera


2- Use the login credentials you have registered to login.

3- Once logged in click on the Management option.


4- You will then go to the Camera Management page. Now go to the left side of the page and look for the Group Info.

Camera Group Managment

5- Fill out the Child Group Name to create a Group and Sequence Number (This will be the number of cameras to be included in the group) and then submit. You can see the group under the Camera Group List once submitted.

Camera Group List

6- You can also create Sub-Groups under the Group you have created.

Add child group

7- You can also check if the group has been added if you go to the Camera List and look for the Group column which will show the groups that you have listed.

Camera List

8- You can add the existing IP camera by clicking on the name of the camera highlight in blue. Once clicked you will go to specific camera options. Under Group Info you can click on the dropdown and you will see the newly created group. Select a group where you want the camera to belong and submit it.

Camera Name Settings

9- You can check again the camera list and under Group Info you can now see the group you selected in which the camera should belong.

Camera Name with Group