How to Configure Your Router’s Wireless Settings

When you have a security camera or surveillance camera system you need to also configure your router’s wireless settings. This is important so you will have a uniform IP on the sub net group and to achieve a secure connection as well as put a password on the router to prevent tampering and hacking. Below are the steps on how to configure the router’s wireless settings

  1. First step is finding the IP address of your router – For a newly installed router, you should determine the IP address set by default. It can be printed on the label found on the router. You may also find this online, search on the web using the router’s model to know the default address is. IP addresses are formatted into 4 groups with 3 digits being separated by dots or periods.
  2. Open a web browser then type in your router’s IP address onto the address bar and click “enter.” The browser will begin to connect to the configuration set up or menu. If the router has an installer like a disc, you can optionally run it. You will be able to do the same functionality.
  3. Type in the username and password to be able to gain access to the configuration page when prompted. The most typical username used is “admin” and the typical password used is also “admin” and “password”. You may also do a search online for the default username and password.
  4. Next is opening the wireless settings. After logging onto the router, the main menu will pop up and there will be many choices or options. The Internet part can be left with its default settings. The section for the wireless setting will let users set up the wireless network.
  5. The fifth step is entering a name to specify the wireless network. This can be done in the section for the wireless settings; you will be able to see a part for SSID. Type in a unique label or name for the network. This name will be the one visible for other devices when being scanned. Remember to enable the SSID broadcast which will be turning on the wireless network so it can be easily seen by everyone who is within the coverage of the signal.
  6. The sixth step is choosing a security method. You can choose among several security options available. Most users use WPA2-PSK as their encryption method. It is the most secure option that is hard to crack. It gives the most protection from intruders.
  7. The make a passphrase. After choosing a security method, type in a passphrase for the wireless network. It should be something difficult to crack. Use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Do not use common passwords or ones that can be easily guessed from the network’s name.
  8. Then save the settings after finishing typing the names for the network and securing it click save or apply to keep all the changes. It will take a few minutes before all changes can take effect. After the router is done resetting the wireless network will then be enabled.
  9. The last step is changing the router’s username and password set by default. After configuring the network, change the access for the router such as the username and password. This helps protect you from any changes that are unauthorized. Change it from the administration part of the menu.

These are the basic steps in securing and configuring your wireless network settings so your security camera system will work at an optimal level and will secure the premises better.


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