How To Check If SD Recording Is Active, Its Settings And Storage Status

1- Open  Camera Setup.


2- Look for the Mini DVR option on the upper right side of the Cam_Setup.


3- Once clicked check if you see CONFIG SD then click on it and you can see the settings for the SD card recording.

Config SD

4- Below Config SD you can see an option that says START RECORDING this option is clickable and you can manually click it to record or to start recording when the IP camera boots up.

Start Recording

5- There are two radio buttons that you can also select to record video. The first one is BOOTUP recording and Manual recording. Boot-up recording will start its recording to the SD card when the IP camera boots up and Manual recording is when you manually press the Start recording button.


6- There is also a tick box to check if you prefer to have an audio for an audio capable IP camera.

Audio Include

7- There are also 2 options to consider when one is recording. The first one is normal recording which has continuous recording and no trigger mechanism. The second is Event recording which is based on the trigger mechanism assigned to the 3 areas under motion detection and DI/DO. This will record only when motion has been detected or changes are present in the lighting conditions.

8- You can also set the storage policy when the SD card is full. The two options are Overwrite and Stop when full. Overwrite will have a rule of first in first out for the recorded videos and Stop when full means it will automatically stop when SD card is already full.

Storage Policy

9- You can also set when to record under the Enable scheduler tick box. You just have to click on the scheduler button to open the schedule settings pop up window. On the scheduler you can set if you would like to have the recording daily, weekly and monthly depending on the requirements. There is also a tick box to Define Recording time with Normal and Event recording (area 1,2 , 3 and DI/DO)

Recording Schedule

10- To check the SD card status you need to click on the SD CARD STATUS below the Video quality button. A pop up window will then appear so that you can see the actual video size recorded, actual recording space and remaining video recording capacity.

SD Card Status