How to add an Account and Cameras for Recording on the NVR

1. Login to the NVR.

Select NVR

2. Once logged in click on the Group Management located on the upper right side of the screen.

Group Managment

3. Once Add camera is clicked you will see the following options below.

Current Settings

4. Once you clicked on Add Account you need to put the login details of the camera you wanted for the NVR and the appropriate Server it is registered. Then highlight the cameras that appears on the screen and click on add again on the lower right side of the screen

Add Account

5. After adding the account with the correct credentials you will see the cameras on the camera list on the left side of the screen.

Camera List

6. After adding the cameras you need to have recordings on the NVR server, go now to Camera Setup and click on Quality Setup. Select on the recording quality of your cameras depending on the requirements of the customer, PC Viewing quality is the quality you view from your web browser/Viewer11/IVAST, while Mobile Phone Viewing quality is for your mobile device viewing quality both IOS and Android. Once all are adjusted you can click on apply if you wanted to apply it on a single camera, and if there are several you can use apply to and click on the cameras you wanted to apply the selected settings.

Camera Setup

7. Next is you should go to Recording Setup. Enable recording should be clicked and apply will be on a single camera only and apply to is for multiple cameras. Always recording should be selected so that it will be monitored all the time. Under the Always recording option is Normal Recording (Continuous Recording) and Event Recording (It only applies to GKB Diplomat camera. You can enable motion detection with Area 1-3 and DI triggered recording). Scheduled Recording is where you can select what time and day you want the recording to be done (see image below).Audio Recording when clicked would record audio from the camera if the camera is capable of audio recording. Recording Retention Hours –it is the number of hours you want to store the video. However when you click on the checkbox Overwrite you can put the pre and post recording times.

Recording Manage

8. Now go to Account Manage and click on Add Account. Put the login details of the cameras that you would like to add on the NVR. Please note that this account should have been created on the prior to adding anything else you will get an error message.

Account Manage

9. After placing the account information on the Add Account go to Authorize Set. This will authorize the camera that will appear when viewing them online. You can see what type of authorization you will permit a particular camera. You can put a check mark on the option you would like the camera to have like Live View, Camera Control, Playback, Event Playback and Fast Playback. Normally all are checked.

Account Manage2

10. After authorization settings of the camera. Go to the admin account of where the NVR is registered. Create a sub-user let’s say the sub-user name is Once the test user has been created you will authorize it from the cloud-nvr under the NVR you have added. Go to App Server Info and click on NVR Management and click on Authorize.

Managment System

11. Once the sub-user has been added you can login from,the sub-user login and credentials can already be seen by the cameras that are under the NVR. You can see it under the example below.

N Icon

12. If a camera is added on the NVR there is a playback option popup that will appear as seen here below. This means that recording can be viewed from the sd card recordings or NVR recordings.

Playback Source