How to Access your Router configuration Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of your device/s (mobile phone/tablet/PC/Laptop) should be connected to the router. Once connected you need to check the gateway of the network (which is the router’s IP address). Please refer to the Ways on How to Check your Router’s IP Address and Subnet

1. Open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox) from your PC or Mobile device.

2. In the address bar type in the gateway of your connected device. Normally the IP address is 168.0.1 or and then press enter.

3. This should bring up a pop-up window asking you for either a username and a password or just a password.


4. Type in the Username and Password

Note: If the router is new you may find the login details from the manual provided otherwise you can ask your IT helpdesk or Internet Service Provider for the login details.

Tip: Router manufacturers often use the same username name and passwords for most of their routers. You can find the default user name and password at


5. Once logged in you can already see the ROUTER’s configuration. Inside the configurations you can set up WIFI, DHCP, Router Security configuration, Port forwarding etc… Below is an example of a router configuration page.


6. You can visit for screenshot of router configuration from different manufacturers.