How It Work


Security built for your business.  We provide full monitoring service to protect your business like no other and keep track on what is happening within the area to be monitored. You can relax while we secure your business. We are on our toes 24/7 and watch over your property 24 hours the whole year round.

Command Center

With PowerCCTV Centralized command center we have several people to protect you and also we conduct redundancy checks for critical assigned areas. This way your business is well protected. We can easily be contacted through live chat or via our hotline. We are always open 24/7 and will answer your chat and call as soon as possible in case of emergency situations.

Cloud Access     

PowerCCTV cloud access makes sending of surveillance videos to the security personnel or manager easier since it runs on a relay server. It gives flexibility to retrieve videos from the IP camera and the cloud.

Mobile Access

With PowerCCTV mobile app installed on your mobile our security personnel can easily chat and communicate with you. The application gives push notifications when there are security threats in your premises.