Food Manufacturing Plants Application

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Fire in food processing industries has a high chance of occurring because of combustible materials and ingredients. It is very important to accomplish fire detection at the onset to thwart the situation from getting out of hand and prevent it from spreading out in the entire facility.

Combustible materials used in food manufacturing industries include gas, cooking oils, and other vapors and when mixed with food ingredients like flour, coffee, sugar, milk that enters the conveyor belts and ovens, then mishandled during process can potentially become the start of fire.

Verifire can be installed in the most critical areas of the plant. It uses algorithms comprehending smoke and flame pattern, shape, color, movement, chrominance, flickering frequency to detect the earliest sign of its presence in 10-15 seconds alerting users instantly. It has the quickest flame detection time outmatched in the industry. It works like a human brain that computes and analyzes and compares first results to a reference characteristic.

Food processing plants can have high ceilings and have wide open areas which can all be covered by Verifire’s IP camera for seamless monitoring. It comes with NVR to record all events. Email and push notifications are generated from the downloadable application from any Internet enabled device like Smartphone’s and laptops so key users can make quick decisions to prevent fire from becoming catastrophic.

Huge manpower usually composes food manufacturing sites and fire can highly harm employees and put their lives at risk. Losing properties, materials and the plant can sum up to a very high cost including jobs of the workers that can be lost. Some fire damaged industrial plants have never recovered from the losses and went out of business. Thus a reliable video based flame detection solution such as Verifire is a sound investment.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick Proven Fire Detection – Detection in just a matter of 15 seconds or less
  • Affordable all in one package – With IP cameras videos can be analyzed for flame and smoke detection and NVR for recording
  • Remote control management – The NVR’s alarm sound can signify fire, send picture messages and can be turned off.
  • False alarm immunity – Verifire beats out other brands in producing the lowest number of false alarms.
  • Instant Playback – Review a live footage or a replay to confirm any flame or smoke event.
  • Remote verification – Instant verification can be done remotely