DIY Home Security Systems

diy home security systems

Aetherlink Camera For DIY Home Security Systems



  • Camera is controller, to manage and controller installed sensors
  • Support large number of users and devices
  • H.264 video compression format
  • Support SD card storage
  • Support two-way audio
  • Support newest Z-Wave 500 series

Multi 4 in 1 DIY Home Security Systems Sensor



  • 4 functions in 1 device: (1) Door/window (2) PIR (3) illumination (4) temperature
  • Adopt newest Z-Wave 500 series chip
  • Adopt 1500mA CR123A lithium battery, to guarantee 2 year battery life
  • Easy install
  • Auto report the open/close status and battery status in mobile APP

DIY Home Security Systems Camera Specifications

Description Multi 4 in 1 sensor
 Power Operating Voltage 3V CR123A
Standby current 48 uA
Operating current 37 mA
Low battery voltage 2.6V
 RF Frequency 868.42 [EU] / 908.42 [USA] /922.5/923.9/926.3 [Taiwan/JP]/921.42 [AU] MHz
Regulation FCC part15.249 / en300 220-1
Distance min. 40m indoor min. 100m outdoor
 Machanical Weight 52g
Dimension [W x H x D] Detector 28 x 96 x 23 mm
Magnet. 10 x 50 x 12 mm
 Battery  CR123A 1500mAh
Battery life >2years
 Environment Operation Normal environment temperature
Temperature -10 ~ 40*C
Humidity better PIR and battery performance85% RH max
 Temperature Detect range -10 ~ 70*c
 Illumination Range 0 ~ 500 lx
 PIR detectionangle Horizontal 0*8~10m
 Hardware Magneticgap[Open-Close] 28mm
Magneticgap[Open-Close] 30mm
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