In installing your security camera system, you will also need to buy speakers to be able to do the talk back functionality. It will let users or security personnel to talk to any intruders in the area being monitored or do broadcast a message to the people within the area. There are two types of speakers used for CCTV and these are active and passive.

All types of speakers are categorized into 2 types: active and passive. This doesn’t count the numbers of drivers, type of enclosure, type of poles and other descriptions and characteristics. The speakers are classified based on how they work with the amplifier that drives them.

Passive Speakers

A great number of speakers fall into the passive kind. A passive kind of speaker does not have an amplifier built in into it. It should be connected to an amplifier to power up the speaker and hear something from the microphone of the IP Camera. The speakers’ signal levels are amplified sufficiently to be able to drive and make the speakers work properly.


  • There is another power amplifier that functions to send the complete audio signal towards the speakers
  • The audio signals are being driven separately and per amp individually
  • The crossover components are passive which means the audio signals are split and sent to every band in a direct manner to the drivers of the loudspeaker.
  • The components generally composed of arranged capacitors, inductors and resistors that split the signals.
  • Every frequency part are sent to the speakers’ drivers

In a passive speaker, users have the freedom to decide which amplifier to use or whether to upgrade their amplifier later on. Whereas with active speakers, which has a built-in amplifier basically you can no longer upgrade to other amplifiers later on. This is also why most amplifier brands are “over-built” to be able to be suitable to a wide variety of speakers.

Active Speakers

Active speakers have amplifiers built in them. These speakers are being consumed with line-level signals that pass over an interconnecting cable that starts from the controller. The advantage of active speaker they can easily be plugged in to the line out of the IP camera and its will already work. Active speakers may become limiting to your ability to choose amplifiers and tailor them to the existing audio system and they also are generally more expensive and mostly heavier.


  • Every channel is protected
  • Every driver has a dedicated amp
  • The electronic crossovers are active prior to the amps
  • The active speakers have drivers that have response controls
  • The speaker components, housing, drivers and amps are all manufactured considering each other.


For a camera surveillance system, you have to consider where your speakers are going to be placed whether indoors or outdoors. There are active and passive speakers both made for indoor and outdoor use. You just have to consider your budget as well as whether you want to upgrade your amplifiers later on. Installation wise setting up speakers is pretty easy and quick. Users generally just need to adjust the volume control after connecting it to the security camera.

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