Cloud Recording Service

PowerCCTV hosted Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution

PowerCCTV Cloud Recording Service

Every PowerCCTV camera comes with the free live streaming service via a browser application as well as in mobile applications in both iOS and Android.

PowerCCTV Relay server provides additional controls for camera access and security, dynamic IP translation and control for avoiding port forwarding settings.

PowerCCTV’s integrated Video Alarm Surveillance Technology allows user to set motion detection for up to 3 areas on each camera and set scheduled time slots for detection and recording, our system can send email and Smartphone SMS alerts to users.


On top of these surveillance solutions, PowerCCTV also provides Cloud Recording service that allows users to play back the video to review what happened in the past. The play back option can range from 7 to 30 days. However, if you are willing to reduce the frames per second from 30 to 10 or to 15 then we can extend the play back period beyond 30 days.


Some of the PowerCCTV Cloud Recording Features:


  1. Supports h.264 high resolution recording

h.264 high profile compression can be compressed up to 90%, which is far more compressible than other video formats. For example, a 2 MB data can be compressed to 20 KB, can store twice as much h.264 data than mpeg 4.


  1. Multi streaming to multiple sources

(up to 8) with different resolution or frame rate settings. Simply put PowerCCTV solution allows multiple users to access the video at the same time.


  1. Superior access and security method to prevent hacking.

PowerCCTV utilizes JC script data encryption technology providing the best CCTV data security.  You would want to have your cameras secure, otherwise you might find yourself being watched by an unauthorized person (check


  1. Multiple level User security control, setup and configuration.

Allow administrators to set multi-layer user access control

  1. SNMP network health monitoring and notification when camera is off line due to network issue.


  1. True plug and play

Once an IP cam is assigned to a cloud recording server, you may disconnect the camera’s power in order to move it to another place.  The camera can connect to the cloud server by itself as soon as the camera gains connection to power, and continue to record immediately. And even after a long period of disconnection, the recordings will connect seamlessly to the videos recorded before the disconnection, giving the user a smooth playback experience. (for Wi-Fi models, you need to reconnect to the new Wi-Fi router).

  1. PowerCCTV Relay service to avoid fixed IP and port forwarding

It provides easy configuration and setup.

  1. Download and backup remotely

On a local computer Hard Drive via Viewer-11 application.

  1. Push notification alerts

With scheduled time slot monitoring, motion detection up to three areas for each camera using IVAST application.


  1. SD card on camera up to 128 GB for redundancy recording when camera temporarily loses internet connection

You can access the SD card data when the internet connection resumes.

  1. Storage at central server

To safeguard your surveillance data.

  1. View live video and playback on browser and Smartphones

(iPhone & Android)


  1. CCTV customized features available to meet your business requirements.


  1. 24×7 customer service and technical support

15. Other features: night vision, talk back and listening functionality and 24 x 7 non-stop streaming in HD.
PowerCCTV’s Cloud recording service records footages of up to 30 days in a secure manner. No one will gain access to those recordings unless permitted by you. Users are able to review these footages after they have taken place. Activities, motion, noise detected by the cameras are all shown up on the summary for an easy reference. Users will be able to save the footage clips they want and also have them shared. The Cloud recording service is highly optional.


Subscription Plans:

  • Subscription for 7 days to record and review footages for the past week
  • Subscription for 15 days – 15 days of recording for review
  • Subscription for 30 days – 30 days of recording for review

All our subscription plans are offered in annual and monthly payment plans. You may subscribe every moth however you will be able to avail more savings when paying for a one year’s subscription.


Come online on our chat support and talk with us or call us at 1-212-997-2000 for pricing details.

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