Chemical Storage Plants Application

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Early detection of flame and smoke is very important to a chemical storage plant with highly flammable contents. Fire can damage the whole facility in just a matter of minutes since it can spread quickly, more importantly is the risk to the lives of the workers or people inside even with just the mere fume inhalation of the burning contents. Fires in chemical storage plants can start from a simple leak, electrical or equipment malfunction, to human error. Chemical plant fires can destroy the owner’s whole property and the business may never recover as well as losses from liability claims.


We offer Verifire, the early detection video surveillance solution. It has an IP camera built with the IVS or intelligent video surveillance technology. It is the brain in the whole system and has DSP or digital signal processing which uses algorithms to process and analyze the captured image at the very instant of spotting or detecting a moving object in 15 seconds or less. The algorithms analyze the detected moving entity by its color, direction, shape, number of pixels and pattern before starting the alarm.


The results from the analyses are compared to a predetermined feature set in the database that provide accurate results which further minimizes the rate of possible false alarms. When the predetermined flame or smoke characteristics are met the alert will be sent from the NVR to the key people or manager. They will be able to see it as push notifications on their mobile app and in their email.


Verifire is the second generation and improved version of the VFDS or video based flame detection system which is FM and EN54 certified. It is trustworthy and can be installed in different indoor and outdoor set ups. With the direct DI/DO or input and output connection, integration to any fire control panel becomes quick and simple.


Verifire has the capability to cover a wide field of area and high ceilings such as chemical storing plants. It can also differentiate objects that can appear looking like smoke from an actual smoke. The system comes with an NVR for the recording. Users can also turn off the alarm via the NVR for remote control monitoring or management. Among the brands out in the market, Verifire comes out superior in terms of the earliest detection time which can save you ample time to take the necessary actions and stop the potential disaster.


Key Benefits:

  • Precise and early phase detection of fire and smoke
  • Confirm smoke or fire immediately
  • Remote site management
  • Expandability via cameras that are ONVIF certified