How to Avoid Theft Package this Holiday Season

This month is what many people dub as the busiest time for package shipments in the whole country, people are sending gifts to relatives and many people are also shopping online because of a number of good deals found online, and so police departments are warning people about the likelihood of package theft. Package theft has been affecting many people over the years and the increase each year has become alarming that the California police department took further action by putting small GPS units in the packages they use as package baits to attract thieves and then use it later to track and follow them after the package has been dropped off. The police track down where the thieves will go next and make possible arrests. According to the authorities some thieves work in groups and what they do the whole day is to follow delivery trucks and wait until they have dropped the packages.

According to a study about ten percent of consumers have been victimized by this kind of theft. There are also videos of alleged package theft making waves online and one homeowner have actually used these videos taken by their surveillance cameras to prosecute the thieves. After seeing the footage and showing it to the police, the suspect was arrested in a matter of a couple of hours.  So what can you do to avoid your packages from falling victims to these porch thieves or pirates? Below are some helpful tips:

1- Always schedule delivery of your packages for a time or a day when you know you will just be home.

2- However if you won’t be able to be home, have an alternate address where you can have the package delivered such as your friendly neighbor who should be home as well. Some delivery companies such as UPS allow for pick up and drop off of packages and they work in more than a thousand locations. The company has several locations and they offer this solution to help consumers where first delivery attempt to their homes has failed.

3- Always ask that signature be required so the delivery will not just leave the package on your porch or doorstep.

4- Install a reliable HD surveillance camera outside your premises. One of the CCTV providers, PowerCCTV is offering several bullet network cameras operable via Wi-Fi, POE or 3G network. It is weatherproof CCTV, with brilliant IR and surge protection to suppress any risk to damage your camera from lightning or sudden changes on electrical current. It also uses h.264 video compression to transmit an ultra smooth high definition video but with minimal bandwidth consumption. It also has a micro SD card slot where you can store up to 128 GB of videos.

5- CCTV providers also offer several software for IP cameras to access and manage your security cameras such as the following:

  • Cloud CMS – manage all the IP cameras in one place online at any given time.
  • NVR 10- This is a Window based central station video management software for IP cameras. This software can record and view HD video of up to 64 channels simultaneously.
  • PowerCCTV IP Live – Mobile application for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It is a cloud based application or viewer where customers can connect and manage the videos by simply logging in with their access details.

6- Sign up for 24×7 CCTV monitoring service, some providers such as PowerCCTV also provides the CCTV monitoring service. There is a dedicated team that monitors your cameras and when the alarm is triggered notifies you immediately as well as the authorities.


Merry making and enjoying the holidays may blindside us from unscrupulous incidents such as this, thus being vigilant and doing the necessary steps may help avoid the incidence of package theft from happening to you.


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